Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pic Of 12 Year Old Girls Wear Thongs Help Me!I Cant Take This Anymore!?

Help Me!I cant take this anymore!? - pic of 12 year old girls wear thongs

Ok, since I was 8 years old, I was a bit heavier than add else.I everyone was always very important in my class the 2nd Year and up until now. Can 't take it anymore, I am the girl that everyone (always underestimated in the sport even if I Sqaud captain of my cheerleading) to sing the girl was wearing a bikini and the girl who always looks at other girls and wants to put bodies . I m 14 IM in 8th grade and I weigh 216 more lbs.Ive very active.Recentley went to the doctor for my thyroid back to normal. not lose weight, I was just by doing sit-ups and to everything.I DONT run everyday.i Soda (havent for 2 years). I fell badly in almost all foods. "I hate it, these parents are way.My Biger i hate this its the to.butThe worst thing in my Life.What What can I do? What kills me.
the only time I ever eat is at night when I have cheerleader practice and not home until 8
12 minutes ago

My parents also have a large garden, and eat the chopped tomatoes and corn, and almost all dinner sqaush normal for me is chicken (or) other meat, a kind of rice, and 2 other pages, it would be, tomatoes or corn or beans.
Here is a picture of my body. (I think people can see with MySpace too)


FitnessG... said...

You are fat, but not very thick.
The biggest problem is genetics, unfortunately.
But I think I can help, give advice.

First, if you really eat rice every day, contributing to body fat. Rice is a carbohydrate and simple spike your blood sugar, which stimulates the body store fat. Something with "white" in the name that should be avoided. Wheat "Brown" and "Nice. Avoid juice, sweet tea and coffee, cereal and sugary sweets. Try to drink, lots of water and try eating small meals frequently meet as only two or three larger meals.

Who will be your diet in the right direction.
If you're a little exercise can add on, you should click OK ors way.

Let me know if you need some good exercises to melt fat.

Good luck!

lil_leah... said...

Eating 1200 calories per day. Eat less than 5% fat per 100 grams. plently of fruit / vegetables. Drinking water. Exercise at least 30 minutes 4 days a week.

Princes... said...

dont u look too big for me ur very nice x

sarangha... said...

This is what works for me in the past ....
What causes the loss of weight change over this, if you are in a rut for some time, the body is truly effective is also a very good routine.
Maybe you try to change when you eat or the type of food you eat at certain times. As if you usually handle eggs, cereal for breakfast, because that is what your body is used and can not be used as efficiently ...
what a moment does not always work, so people keep coming "plateau" in their diet to lose weight when to stop them. and it is too loose a little weight and diet can be maintained, then off again.
as I said, it's just what I wanted. It's like eating extremely brightTLE or what, but al haha.

Haha I also tea Enviga I would not be on a lot, but it helps me not to be hungry ....

Good luck:)

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